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About us

Our Mission
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Our Mission

Morrocan goods, an online store specializing in the sale of Moroccan crafts, which invites you to discover a range of Moroccan decoration products from the know-how of Moroccan crafts.

Always on the lookout for the latest innovations in Moroccan craftsmanship, the shop offers a varied choice at very attractive prices. You will find a multitude of decorative objects: Moroccan pouf, tagine, souvenirs, tea service, jewelry and ready to wear, Moroccan lamp, Moroccan lantern, Moroccan ashtray, Moroccan wood, wrought iron furniture, and other objects Moroccan and oriental decoration ...

Our mission is to transmit to you the beauty of the Moroccan product under the most favorable conditions.


Canva - Colorful Ceramic Pots for Sale (
Our Story

Our Story

Two Friends, One goal.

Since our childhood , we were friends; one is always there for the other. 

Our story was anything but ordinary: our parents who were two artisans traders dazzled by their culture and traditions to the point of choosing it as a way of life, taught us that the true value of life is neither money nor statutes but it is values and principles. We grow up in two similar surroundings which teach us every day that our Moroccan culture is unique and that one day we will be obliged and honored to highlight it and to transmit it to our future families here. But, me and my friend being perfectionist dreamers, we thought otherwise, we want to break the prototype of small bazaar in an old meeting in the Medina (even if its charm is fascinating) and put the point on the importance of sharing of this culture with all the other countries. Our pride and love for Morocco pushed us to take the plunge and create an online bazaar which brings together all the traditional Moroccan products made by hand and friends of the environment to offer you the opportunity to see our country in a fascinating dimension.


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